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True Blood Season 5 Episode 11

There are just two episodes left of Season 5 of True Blood and the series seems to have finally found its direction. But how will it all end? What’s Russell’s plan? Where is this Lilith story going? These questions are addressed in the preview episode for next Sunday night’s “Sunset.”

Watching Bill snag a few drops of Lilith’s blood last night, at first I thought he was stealing it. As it happens, he was taking some to feed to Eric in an effort to persuade his friend into believing in Lilith. But based on the the preview video for “Sunset,” it looks like he may be heading back to the Lilith blood bank soon enough.

Until last night, I was almost convinced that there was some kind of hallucinogen in Lilith’s blood, but then how did Eric and Nora hallucinate the same vision? Still, looking at the above video, Bill’s “I am the chosen one” seems like it could translate to “I’m on drugs!” Maybe it’s some kind of mystical drug? Or maybe it’s really Lilith’s blood and Bill’s really the chosen one. We’ll have to wait and see. True Blood Season 5 Episode 11